Do You Remember What It Was Like Before Thyroid Symptoms Hijacked Your Life?
Do You Remember What It Was Like Before Hypothyroid Symptoms Hijacked Your Life?
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Dear Friend,

If you're like many people with an underactive thyroid, you measure your life in two eras...
Before Hypothyroid
After Hypothyroid
Before Hypothyroid you were enjoying life. Sure, there were challenges, but you had what it took to meet them head on. You were going places.

After Hypothyroid hijacked your life — everything got harder and seemed worse. Now you're just going through the motions... surviving.

What I've heard over and over again from countless hypothyroid sufferers is... 
"I wish I could go back..." the time before their low thyroid symptoms started.

     "Before the weight started piling on." 

     "Before my energy disappeared." 

     "Before my mood and motivation went down the drain."

     "Before all these other weird symptoms showed up."

If they could just turn back the clock, they tell me they would love to...

  •  "Exercise like I used to" 
  •  "Feel alive again"
  •  "Get back to where I was" 
  •  "Enjoy life again"
  •  "Return to my goals" 
That's why I developed a very special nutrition program — to give you back the life you had before Hypothyroidism robbed you of so much.
I N T R O D U C I N G . . . 
An All-Natural Plan to Help Reverse Symptoms and Restore Your Mood, Mind, and Body.
Fast Results With The Thyroid Time Machine
Karen's Experience
I want to take you back in time — to the time BEFORE hypothyroid symptoms were running your life. 

Just imagine what your life would be like if you could…
Wake up Feeling Great
Drop the extra weight
Feel younger
Look younger
Get more done
Enjoy hobbies
Be more social
Jumpstart your libido
Get better sleep

Now that's an awesome life!

Although it may seem so far from where you are now — it is possible when you step inside my Thyroid Time Machine.
Thyroid Time Machine includes everything you need to begin turning back the hands of time...
14-Day Meal Plan 
  •  Delicious and energizing breakfasts, lunches and dinners that restore thyroid health 
  •  Plus mid-morning and evening snacks so you're never hungry
  •  Includes a shopping list for each week to make meal prep super easy.
  •  Value = $149
2 Additional 7-Day Meal Plans (Including Vegan)
  •  In case you get bored with the 14-day plan, or you want some extra ideas, I've added two more 7-day hypothyroid meal plans
  •  These are designed specifically with your waistline in mind
  •  One is a vegan meal plan, both include recipes and shopping list
  •  Value = $149
Thyroid Time Machine Video Library
  •  Discover how to interpret thyroid test results (TSH!), medication recommendations and more with our to-the-point videos 
  •  Understand how hypothyroidism affects metabolism and fatigue... and how to reverse it
  •  Tips and tricks to help you create new healthy habits and stay motivated with Thyroid Time Machine
  •  Value = $199
Curb Cravings & Emotional Eating
  •  Changing any habit requires you to be consistent — especially when it comes to food! That's why I'm including this interview with a top clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people curb cravings and beat emotional eating. You'll love it!
  •  Value = $49
Join us before the deadline today and I'll include these 
"Fast Action" bonuses too...
How To Treat PCOS: Proven Diets and Supplements
- A detailed look at what eating pattern and supplements are shown to help women struggling with PCOS.

- Recommendations your doctor will not be aware of.

VALUE = $25
The Proven Ways To Naturally Beat Endometriosis
- A detailed guide that explores the proven diet changes and supplements that can help overcome endometriosis.

- Considers both mainstream and alternative treatment options.

VALUE = $25
6 Changes That Boost Fertility and Help You Fall Pregnant
- A detailed look at what foods and nutrients are scientifically shown to help improve fertility.

- Authored by fertility Dietitian.

VALUE = $25
Total Value = $621...

Your Investment Today Is Just $621 $70 $37!
** Images are for vizualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for immediate access via download to save costs and time. **
This Deal Ends In:
One Time Charge of $37 - Lifetime Access!
No Contract. No Hidden Fees. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!
This Deal Ends In:
Joe Leech, RD, MSC
My name’s Joe Leech and I’m a clinical Dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. 

I was born in Australia but I'm currently living in Sweden. (See how warm I'm dressed in that photo? It can get really, really cold here!)

My published articles, videos and other online resources about thyroid health have already helped more than 5 million people worldwide.

Now I'm here to help YOU "go back in time" to restore your life to your pre-Hypothyroid days!
How 7lbs of Water Weight and 80% of Digestive Symptoms Can Be Reduced In 14 Days 
With My Proven System

I’m sure you’ve heard of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It’s the most common medical diagnosis for unexplained, long-term digestive symptoms.

Think embarrassing bloating, excessive gas, painful cramping and the inconsistent bowel movements that can make daily life miserable.

In fact, if you haven’t already, there’s a good chance your symptoms will be diagnosed as IBS.

It’s a diagnosis nobody wants, but there is some good news…

After years working as a clinical dietitian specializing in food intolerance, I’ve crafted and refined a proven method to treat IBS – which I’ve since applied successfully with thousands of people around the world.

In fact, it works so well that a remarkable 3 out of 4 IBS sufferers see improvements in just one week – these stats are even backed by independent research from top Universities.

The best thing about this method is that there are no expensive medical fees, no medication, no over-priced supplements and no invasive medical procedures.

AND you can treat yourself in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Here's How The Diet Can Help
Almost every cell in your body requires thyroid hormones for proper functioning — which is why people with hypothyroid have so many different symptoms.

And this is why changing your diet can have such a profound effect on all your hypothyroid symptoms...
  •  Some foods actually suppress thyroid function — like soy foods — which is why they aren't on the plan.
  •  Other foods nourish the thyroid — like tuna and eggs — by proving "thyroid friendly" nutrients — like zinc and selenium.
  •  People with hypothyroidism also benefit from less carbs and FODMAPs, and more protein - so I'm bumping up your daily protein and lowering (but not eliminating) carbs and FODMAPs in your diet.
  •  Last but not least - some foods can cause an autoimmune reaction that dispatches antibodies that could upset the thyroid! This is the case with gluten and dairy. 
In fact — gluten and dairy are the top 2 "no-no's" for people with hypothyroid — but my weekly meal plans are SO GOOD you won't even notice that the gluten and dairy are gone. :-)

The longer you stay on my "thyroid friendly" diet the better you'll look and feel. 

The minimum time to start seeing and feeling noticable changes is 2 weeks — but I recommend at least 90 days.
The first change you'll notice is... your weight going backwards!
The first time you follow the Thyroid Time Machine eating plan you can expect to lose some belly fat.
Of course, we don't put weight on overnight — and so it won't disappear overnight— but if you follow my plan you can get fantastic results.

With all of that said, individual metabolisms vary and so your results will vary, too. Some people lose less, and some people lose more — hopefully you'll lose more!
You won't have to starve on skimpy salads!
My job as a dietitian is to make your food plan fun and filling. 

Just look at some of the delicious foods you'll be eating as part of this program...
Avocado and poached eggs on toast
Dark Chocolate
Chicken pesto pasta
Tuna Sandwich
Sushi Rolls
Peanut butter and banana on toast
Red wine
Rissoles served with steamed vegetables and potato
Steak and veggies
Did you see the sushi? On Friday I have you going out for lunch and getting sushi — because being healthy doesn't mean being boring!

I also made room in the plan for indulgences like dark chocolate and red wine.

What your doctor doesn't know about Hypothyroid can hurt you!
If your experience is like most people, getting diagnosed with hypothyroid probably went something like this... 

1. You started experiencing weight gain and lethargy so you looked it up online and discovered you may have a slow thyroid. 

2. So you tell this to your doctor, who tests your thyroid levels and discovers - "sure enough, they're too low!" 

3. You're then diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on a synthetic (or sometimes natural) form of thyroid hormone to "help" your slow thyroid along. 
There was no discussion about the root cause of all this...

And certainly no talk about the role your DIET plays in your new condition...

Just a prescription and instructions to "come back in 6 weeks if you don't feel better."

Well I'm here to tell you what your doctor hasn't told you (because he probably doesn't know) and that is this...
The 4 Horsemen of Hypothyroid
Impaired digestion
Nutrient deficiencies
Blood sugar spikes
...and that's what I focus on in Thyroid Time Machine.

If you want to go back to the time before hypothyroid hijacked your life you need to address these 4 horsemen.

Otherwise you'll keep taking high and higher doses of thyroid hormone... until eventually it stops working because you've over stimulated your thyroid.
One Time Charge of $37 - Lifetime Access!
No Contract. No Hidden Fees. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Rave Reviews for Thyroid Time Machine
Rach's Experience (She Appears at 30 Second Mark!)

Begin following my eating plan — and if the clock doesn't start running backwards — if you don't begin looking and feeling like you did before Hypothyroid took over...
You can contact me within 1 year of purchase and I'll give you a 100% refund!
Do you have any questions for me?
Can I access this plan in my country?

Yes, this is an online program that you can access and use from anywhere in the world, not just the US.

Which currency is this in?

The price is in US dollars, but you can use a credit card, debit card or PayPal account in whichever currency you choose.

Is it just a one-time payment?

Yes you only pay the one time, that is it!

I’ve tried a Gluten-free / Dairy-free diet before and it didn’t do anything. Why will it be different this time?

The gluten/dairy free component is just one part of this eating plan. You could have been eating too many calories, or your diet may not have included enough of the micronutrients your thyroid needs to work correctly. My plan takes EVERYTHING that could be affecting your thyroid into consideration.

I'm looking for an overnight solution to my symptoms. Is this it?

If you are looking for a quick-fix that requires no effort on your part, this is NOT the program for you. I wish it were that simple, but the reality is Hypothyroid is a complex problem. You need to make a consistent effort and be patient. This program is designed to hold your hand through that process. Remember that short-term solutions only give short-term results.

Will you really refund me if the plan doesn't work?

Absolutely. If you try the 2 week eating plan and don't see your Hypothyroid symptoms begin to reverse, contact me within 365 days from purchase and I'll give you a full refund. I'm that confident it can eliminate your Hypothyroid symptoms!

I haven’t been diagnosed with Hypothyroid by my doctor yet, can I still join?

Definitely! In fact, this plan could save you multiple $100's in medical bills. If you are experiencing symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and low mood it’s highly likely this diet will eliminate your symptoms. It certainly couldn't make your symptoms worse.

I had my thyroid removed, will this still help?

Yes definitely. If renewed energy and weight loss is your goal, the meal plan in this program will definitely help. Of course you don't need to worry about nutrients for thyroid health, but everything else still applies.

When does the plan start and finish?

The program is available as soon as you enroll! But it is a completely self-paced program - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does the plan work exactly?

You access both written and video content the program on your smart phone, iPad or computer. Follow along anywhere!

How long do I have access to the plan?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. That means you can start whenever you like, it will always be here waiting for you.

I’m not very tech savvy so I’m unsure about buying this, will I get confused?

If you’re on this site, you’ve proven you’re tech savvy enough to access and use this plan! It’s super simple to follow and is no different than surfing the internet. And you can use your computer, smartphone or tablet. The convenience and affordability of online medical treatment is the way of the future!

Get This Today For The Special Price of...
$621 $75 $37
** Images are for vizualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for immediate access via download to save costs and time. **
One Time Charge of $37 - Lifetime Access! 
No Contract. No Hidden Fees. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Thyroid Removed?
If your goal is renewed energy and weight loss, this meal plan will still work for you if you do not have a thyroid. The only difference is that some of the nutrients for thyroid health does not need to be a concern for you. 
Get Ready to Re-Experience The Joys of Life Before Hypothyroid!
Once upon a time... 

Before Hypothyroid (BH)... 

You were a real person instead of the "monster" you are now.

I want to take you back there — to the time before the fairy tale turned into a nightmare.
Way back to the time when the number on the scale made sense — 

To the time when your clothes fit comfortably — 

To the time when you had a social life and hobbies — 

When you were excited about life and all its opportunities —

I want to take you back to the time before Hypothyroid took so much from you.

That's why I sincerely hope you'll seriously consider joining my Thyroid Time Machine program. 
Committed to Your Health,
Joe Leech
Joe Leech, MS RD
Creator of Thyroid Time Machine
PS Let's get started right away before your symptoms get worse! Left unchecked, your low-functioning thyroid will continue to have a severe effect on your quality of life.

You'll miss out on so much because you're "too tired" or because you "feel too fat" or because you just "feel sucky."

Make the decision today to take back control of your life.

If your life is unbearable…

If medication hasn’t worked…

If you’ve tried other diets with no success...

Even if you think you’ve tried everything…

You haven't tried Thyroid Time Machine yet!
Medical Disclaimer
Please note: IF THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL EMERGENCY PERSONNEL IMMEDIATELY TO GET PROMPT MEDICAL ATTENTION. Do not rely on electronic communications or for assistance regarding your immediate, urgent medical needs. This program is not designed to facilitate medical emergencies. This program is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek direct medical attention. Please remember that the information in this course, in the absence of a visit with a healthcare professional, must be considered as an educational service only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is not designed to replace a doctor's independent judgment. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information in this program. Individuals with Hypothyroidism should first consult with their personal doctor before following any of the advice in this course. BY ENROLLING IN THIS PROGRAM YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
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