PLEASE NOTE: This information is for my fellow toilet jockeys, stomach holders and angry tummy folks who've already eliminated FODMAPs. This situation is unfair, but you are strong, and you need to identify your food triggers once and for all.
The Secret to Enjoying the Foods You Love Without Your Painful Digestive Problems Returning

I'm sorry your belly has been so angry in the past.

You don't deserve it!

But I hope that eliminating FODMAPs has helped in significant ways. 

If all went to plan, using the bathroom should no longer be such a frequent pain in the bum (bad pun intended!).

Now firstly, I want to congratulate you for getting this far! The time and effort spent eliminating FODMAPs is a huge first step, and not many people make it to this stage.

So well done for that!

But what if I told you there’s a risk your gut health and improved digestion is only temporary?

This isn’t something most medical practitioners or online FODMAP resources bother to tell you.

Because the truth is, eliminating FODMAPs is only the first step, and nobody really talks about the second step: how to get back to eating and living normally.

And without knowing this, you’re left in limbo, with only one way to get out...

Feel Great for Life! Not Just a Few Weeks…

Now if you’re anything like my patients, I’m sure your goal is to achieve amazing gut health that lasts a lifetime, not just a few weeks.

And eliminating all FODMAPs is the vital first step. But here’s the catch...

Elimination is a superficial short-term solution to a deeper long-term problem...

What you’re doing is treating the long-term problem (digestive issues) with a short-term solution (eliminating ALL potential triggers).

This will give you a little respite, but it won’t stop your food sensitivities from getting EVEN WORSE in the future.

So keep reading and I’m going to show you how to stop annoying food sensitivities once and for all.
FODMAPs Are Actually Your Friends

Let me tell you a secret...

You know the meal you had a few hours ago?

The meal that’s sitting somewhere inside your stomach and small intestine?

Well...that food is NOT being digested by YOU.

Because as you’re reading this, more than 100 TRILLION (with a “T”!) bacteria in your gut are digesting your food for you at this very moment.

Fun fact: Your body is about 10 Trillion cells.

This means that only about 1 in 10 cells in your entire body are actually “YOU”.

Our bacteria outnumbers us 10 to 1.

Sounds crazy right?

Well it gets even crazier...

The (on average) 2 POUNDS (1 kg) of healthy bacteria living in your gut helps you digest food, synthesize important vitamins, produce “feel-good chemicals” like dopamine & serotonin, and acts as your immune system to help fight off infections and prevent terrible diseases.

So in essence...

YOU are your gut bacteria.

Your gut bacteria is YOU .

...for better or worse.

And what does this bacteria that controls you for the better feed on?
You guessed it...FODMAPs!

Many FODMAPs act as “Prebiotics” that reach your intestines and feed the good bacteria in your gut, allowing them to grow, flourish, and support your body and mind, making you feel happy and healthy.

Now some of these prebiotics, like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and galacto‐oligosaccharides (GOS), are naturally found in FODMAPs like wheat, onions, garlic, beans, apples and bananas.

...probably most of the foods you’ve eliminated.

So by now, you should be realizing that STARVING your good bacteria, like you’ve been doing with the elimination diet, is a very bad idea in the long term.

Sure you’ve overcome some unpleasant symptoms in the short-term, but eliminating FODMAPS in the long-term starves your vital bacteria, leading to negative health consequences down the road.

...and making your digestive system EVEN MORE OUT OF WHACK THAN BEFORE!

Remember, your gut bacteria is in control, not you.

So with all that said, reintroducing FODMAPs is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you want to heal your gut properly, regain a normal life, and prevent your food sensitivities from getting worse.

The trick is to FEED the good bacteria and STARVE the bad bacteria...meaning you don’t want to completely cut out all the foods that you actually DO tolerate.

Make sense?

So how do you distinguish between good and bad FODMAPs?
It’s through a very meticulous reintroduction schedule...

What They Don’t Tell You…Reintroducing FODMAPs Is an Exact Science
Reintroducing foods and correcting the uncomfortable digestive problems you’ve developed over the years is a DELICATE balancing act.

After weeks of hard work eliminating FODMAPs and feeling better, people tend to go one of two ways:

👉 Either they think they’re healed and eagerly jump back to eating all those foods they love.

👉 Or they feel so good that they’re literally TOO SCARED to try anything new or even go near a high FODMAP food.

But this is where the danger starts.

I mentioned before that eliminating the FODMAPs you actually do tolerate can make your sensitivities EVEN WORSE.

But on the flip side, a wrong mouthful could see all the weeks and months or hard work on the elimination phase go out the window in an instant.

...and send you spiraling back to a life of humiliating bloating, embarrassing gas, unbearable abdominal pain, social-life crippling diarrhea, or painful constipation.

All it takes is reintroducing a wrong the wrong the wrong the wrong the wrong time.

… and it’s back to square one.

So as you can see, with the complexity of 100 trillion microorganisms LIVING and OPERATING inside your body, it’s very easy for things to go TERRIBLY WRONG.

I’ve seen it happen before, and trust definitely don’t want it happening to YOU.

But there’s a way to avoid making a misstep, and I’ve taken the time, effort, and guesswork out, so YOU can regain your life and get back to enjoying the foods you love.
Introducing… The “Trust Your Gut” FODMAP Reintroduction Quick-Start Program
Hey there, my name’s Joe Leech and I’m a clinical dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, specializing in food intolerance and gut health. 

Over the past seven years I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and treating IBS, having watched the agony IBS causes so many people. My published articles, videos and programs on the topic have now been used by more than 2 million people.

Through years of investigation into IBS, I’ve condensed the most proven and effective ways to treat chronic digestive problems into the popular and easy-to-follow online “Trust Your Gut” programs.

Breeze through your reintroduction phase with these beginner-friendly resources!

Reintroduction quickstart

FODMAP Reintroduction Quick-Start Video Lessons

✅ Cut your learning curve in half with 5 on-demand and easy to understand video lessons. Joe and his team walk you through every step of the FODMAP reintroduction process, showing you exactly what to do, and how to do it.  

✅ Watch these videos on the go, from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world, and from any device. 

✅ Also includes captions and video transcript if you prefer to read.  
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

FODMAP Groups & Foods Rechallenging Cheat-Sheet

✅ Choosing which FODMAP to rechallenge with and in which amount can be tricky. Even though there are lots of FODMAPs, not just any is suited for rechallenging. 

✅ This proven PDF guide will cuts days – even weeks – of hard work from your reintroduction process, and teach you which FODMAP group, food, and amount you should reintroduce first...all without having to go through weeks of painful trial and error.
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

3 Proven Rechallenging Schedules Customized Specifically to Your Sensitivity Level

EveryBODY is unique and has a different level of food intolerances. This full PDF guide will help you design a customized reintroduction schedule specifically tailored for your level of intolerance. It includes modified alternative schedules for people who are extra sensitive and need additional guidance.

7-day low fodmap jumpstart

Supportive Facebook Community

✅ When you enroll in the Quickstart program, you'll receive access to our Facebook community!
✅ Accountability and support from me, my team and your fellow FODMAP dieters! Share your progress, ideas and encouragement with the community and reach your health goals together!

JUST $49 $25 TODAY!

One Time Charge of $25 - Lifetime Access!
No Contract. No Hidden Fees.

1-Year “No Gas Guarantee”
I’m so confident that you’ll ABSOLUTELY LOVE this FODMAP Reintroduction Program, that I offer a 1-Year, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Try the entire reintroduction schedule, watch every video, read all the documents, and then if you don’t see any improvement, just send me a quick email 365 days from your purchase, and I’ll give you a 100% refund. 

No questions asked and we can stay friends :)

7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"Doing this program was extremely helpful, particularly because there is very little info out there on this phase compared to the eliminations one. All the videos and info comprised in the SIMPLE AND CONCISE LESSONS of this course really helped me in successfully completing all the food challenges and FINDING MY OWN TRIGGERS."
- Zandy F, Netherlands.
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"I loved that I could do this ON MY OWN TIME FRAME. And I can now eat A NUMBER OF DELICIOUS FOODS I HAVE AVOIDED FOR 2 YEARS!"
- Janet G, Arkansas USA
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"I reeeeeally love Joe's resources and programs. Not just for myself, but for my 'short attention span' family! His info is SO EASY TO FOLLOW, WITH JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SCIENTIFIC-INFO. Too much science, and my families' eyes start to glaze over!"
- Janiece H, Missouri USA

7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"I now have no symptoms, maintain a regular bowel movement daily, and feel energetic! PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE FOLLOWED A FODMAP DIET FAITHFULLY, THEN DO THE REINTRODUCTION PHASE SO YOU CAN RETURN TO NORMAL EATING WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE. The only way to really test your FODMAP sensitivity is to complete the reintroduction program-- otherwise one will always wonder: is this a food that is causing me issues? Or is it something else? I am so glad that I followed Joe's FODMAP reintroduction program and appreciate his understandable instruction."
- Willard R, Goshen, Indiana USA
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"The FODMAP diet has changed my life! I was always depressed and it was affecting my life in general prior to the FODMAP Diet, but now FOOD IS NO LONGER THE ENEMY FOR ME! There are so many mistakes that can be made but Joe's resources have helped me tremendously."
- Kym A, Sydney, Australia

7-day low fodmap jumpstart

“The biggest improvement for me is simply not being in pain anymore — I’d been able to grit my teeth and do my job before, but the daily pain took a physical and psychological toll. Now, after completing this program, I’m NO LONGER IN CONSTANT PAIN. I can focus on my work and enjoy my free time!”
- Carrie M, Los Angeles.

7-day low fodmap jumpstart

“During the FODMAP reintroduction phase I REDISCOVERED THE JOYS OF FOOD. I spent Thanksgiving with my sister's family in St. Louis, and was able to eat the turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and roasted carrots... I even cheated a little and ate the filling out of a small wedge of pumpkin pie (no crust), and suffered no ill effects. My next challenge will be starting to stack different FODMAPs together and seeing what I can tolerate. I will be referring back to your program throughout this. I do know that I never want to return to where I was, and FEEL VERY HOPEFUL ABOUT THIS IN THE FUTURE."
- Patty C, Indianapolis, IN.
Trust Your Gut Is Dietitian Recommended!
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

"I've seen the impressive results this program has on users and ALWAYS RECOMMEND IT to patients that can't visit me in person."
- Geraldine VO, Wollongong, Australia, Dietitian at
7-day low fodmap jumpstart

“Joe is up to date with the latest FODMAP info. If an IBS patient cannot come into my clinic, I REFER THEM TO THIS PROGRAM.”
- Joanna Baker, Melbourne, Dietitian at

For Just $25, you’ll get lifetime access to the MOST POPULAR FODMAP reintroduction program on the internet!

One Time Charge of $25 - Lifetime Access!
No Contract. No Hidden Fees. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

I eliminated FODMAPs but didn’t feel any better. Should I still do the reintroduction phase?

Firstly, you need to be sure that you did the elimination 100% correctly. Did you follow my 14-Day Digestive Reboot program? If you didn’t, I’d start there. If you’re certain you eliminated FODMAPs completely and still didn’t improve, then I don’t recommend this reintroduction program as your issue is likely not solely FODMAPs.

Can’t I just reintroduce FODMAPs myself?

I’m going to be honest, it is possible to reintroduce FODMAPs yourself. Some people even have success this way. But it involves a whole lot of painful trial and error where mistakes can mean embarrassing gas, unbearable abdominal pain, social-life crippling diarrhea, or painful constipation. And if you go at it alone, expect it to take AT LEAST twice as long as it takes with proper guidance.

How does this program work exactly?

This is a digital product that includes videos and PDF documents. You will simply login to the members area on your smart phone, iPad or computer and access everything.

Can students ask Joe and his team direct questions?

Of course! You can easily send them an email and get an answer within 24 hours.

When does the program start and finish?

The full program is available as soon as you enroll, and it’s completely self-paced, meaning you decide when you start and when you finish.

What currency is this in and can I access it in my country?

The price is in US dollars, but you can use a credit card, debit card or PayPal account in whichever currency you want.

Will you really refund me if the program doesn't work?

Absolutely. If you try the program and aren’t happy with the results, contact me within 365 days from purchase and I'll give you a full refund. I'm that confident you’ll see results.

I'm looking for an overnight solution to my symptoms. Is this it?

If you are looking for a quick-fix that requires no effort on your part, this is NOT the program for you. I wish it were that simple, but the reality is IBS is a complex problem. You need to make a consistent effort and be patient, and this program is designed to guide you through that process. But remember, short-term solutions only give short-term results.

I’m in the elimination phase and want to wait a few more weeks before starting reintroduction. Is that OK?

Sure. I recommend three weeks minimum for the elimination phase, but once you’ve completed that, you’re ready to go. It’s a great idea to be enrolled in this Trust Your Gut program beforehand so you can learn everything, prepare all your meals, and can start reintroduction as soon as you’re ready.

I’m not very tech savvy so I’m unsure about using this resource, will I get confused?

If you’re on this site, you’ve proven you’re tech savvy enough to use this program! It’s super simple to follow and is no different than surfing the internet. And you can use your computer, smart phone or tablet. The convenience and affordability of online medical treatment is the way of the future!

I’ve tried reintroducing FODMAPs before but I just ended up back with the same digestive problems. Why will it be different this time?

Reintroduction is very precise. It only takes one small mistake to bring back all your digestive symptoms. And because it can be so hard to know what to eat and how to track foods and symptoms, mistakes happen easily. This program simplifies everything for you, showing you exactly what to eat, when and how much. For example, see what Alice had to say...

I know it sounds cliché but...

This Program Can Literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Think about the weeks of hard work you’ve put into eliminating FODMAPs from your diet. You’re probably feeling much better – better than you’ve felt in years!

Now imagine feeling this way for the rest of your life…

That’s a life WITHOUT humiliating bloating, embarrassing gas, unbearable abdominal pain, social-life crippling diarrhea, or painful constipation.

No more restricting your diet, or saying no to friends and invitations.

PERMANENTLY free yourself from your chronic digestive problems, and get back to eating the foods you love in just weeks.

Remember, reintroducing FODMAPs into your diet is an absolute MUST if you want to have a healthy gut, body, and mind.

And all it takes is a careful, well-planned FODMAP reintroduction program to get you there.

So what will it be?

Temporarily relief that lasts a few weeks...

Or lasting gut health and the end of chronic digestive problems for life?

With the price of a hardcover book and my 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose, and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain.

So if you’ve read this far, then why not give it a shot?

You’ll be glad you did.

FOR JUST $49 $25!

One Time Charge of $25 - Lifetime Access!
No Contract. No Hidden Fees. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Price is listed in USD / American. You can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert the currency for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world. The Trust Your Gut Reintroduction program is provided instantly in downloadable PDFs / Ebooks (just like a word document). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document. All graphs and studies cited above can be backed up and proven with scientific literature on request. This price is a one-off fee with absolutely no recurring payments.

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